Proposal Draft

Once upon a time, when the State organizations were first imagined and designed, it was neither the goal, nor technically and economically easily achievable, that those organizations are run by the people directly. Centuries of development led by such premises are coming to an end, and the strictly representative model in which those elected once every four years work for us is starting to loose its credibility. Other models are available today. We have both the technical-economic means and rapidly developing social habits of on-line collaboration through which we can radically change the way state-orgs work towards volunteer participation and open processes. I call state-orgs any State organizations and organizations performing functions traditional performed by the State (like many charities), or fitting in some way into what we expect the State to do.

The goal of this proposal is to enable open-process citizen participation in tasks and projects on which state-orgs work.

The first implementation of this wider set of principles could be to implement a simple to use web project management tool.

There is no single problem, or issue, which this first implementation would try to solve - possible applications are multiple and far reaching. To start with, i'd like to be able to participate in project management of my local council tasks. Here's an example of how being unable to track and co-manage council tasks affects my daily life.

Something like Base Camp, but far simpler and with a license which allows us hacking and code reuse. Here are some possibilities. We might consider Request Tracker with highly customized simplified theme.

We should list here the features that this web tool should have. Feature list will help us to find either: the right existing tools; combination of tools; customized tools, or to identify the need for a new web tool to be developed.

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