Brockley Example

For example, still ongoing Brockley station works have started in March - a footbridge connecting west Brockley residents with the stations has been closed since. It takes an extra 5 minutes for the residents on the west side to reach the station platform. With that extra time, in my case ( situation shared the residents of the Honor Oak Estate), it makes the station too far to be useful - instead, i had to fall back on buses, which are another nightmare. Nowhere around where i live buses have any digital displays with times. Hence, we often wait for 20mins, just to board a bus. Having a digital display would help us make a decision whether to wait for the bus, or walk to the train station. Yet, due to a high density of population (a mid size council estate), there ought to be one. I asked local councilors. They asked Lewisham people in charge of this. No useful moves in over a year and half. Instead, answers i got were proven to be untrue when it comes to digital displays. I've been told over a year ago that they're not being installed any more in London, since a new system is in testing. However, since, i've seen digital displays installed widely across south east london (Dulwich, Peckham), but not anywhere close enough to where i live.

Back to Brockley station works. They started in March 2009. It was meant to last for THREE WEEKS. FIVE MONTHS LATER works are still ongoing. There has been not a single signpost put up by the contractors to inform local residents about the reasons for the delays. Instead, some of us asked local councilors to ask, and we got few responses with some number and justification, but overall of not much use: one, two, three.

Had local resident had a project management web tool like the only this project suggests, we would have put a lot of pressure on contractors and council people in charge of this, publicly scrutinizing delays, photographing the site, challenging explanations, and demanding answers in a public forum.

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